Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Circular Self Portrait In Blue/ If You Love Someone Set Them On Fire

Circular Self Portrait In Blue by Birds Use Stars

If You Love Somone Set Them On Fire by Birds Use Stars

Two songs for the price one? Could it be true?

I took off on a vacation for a little while and hence got completely out of rhythm for what was until this point a "Song Per Week" kind of project. Unfortunatly running that in my spare time was becoming tough, and I'm currently a bit burned out by the whole thing. Additionally I'm starting a new project, which will eat into my time for this even more. Basically I'll be updating and making new songs, but in a more intermitant fashion.

And even THEN! I'm still in the process of switching my setup over to Mac! Exciting I know.

So all in all a bunch of things to take care of before I can kick back into B.U.S., so a bit of a break until I'm re-established. In the meantime, enjoy these two songs!

We Care

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