Friday, June 26, 2009


(2:51:45 AM) Abe: no sir, i did read the blog however
(2:51:51 AM) Abe: nice to see my dot matrix comment made it in
(2:52:13 AM) Me: at this point it's fundimental to what I think of that song
(2:52:17 AM) Abe: and you had to muddy it up with a weird computer sex story
(2:52:31 AM) Me: that was important!
(2:52:59 AM) Me: and it's not real sex, it's musical sex, which is basically just dancing and singing
(2:53:11 AM) Abe: and paper flying in the air
(2:53:16 AM) Abe: and incompatibility
(2:53:18 AM) Me: well YEAH
(2:53:38 AM) Me: what do you think the printer is doing?
(2:53:46 AM) Me: jerking it while watching? GEEEZE

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