Saturday, July 11, 2009


BOOM! Eat new music!

I've decided to go orchestral this week. If that is a good thing or not is something for other people to decide. Personally, I think that it's quite nice.

I've just been thinking lately about Trent Reznor talking about how to make it as a new artist these days. He says to give away pretty much everything that you make to get exposure or something, maybe sell people T-Shirts or something when you get popular enough that people want to buy things from you. Maybe so, but it's funny to me that in music, you need to be rich to make money. If you aren't rich, people won't take you seriously enough to want to pay money for what you do, because obviously if you are rich, you must be popular, which means that other people agree that it's a good idea to give you money.

It's complicated I guess. All I know is that I hate when Trent tries to explain things, because words have never been his strong suit.

Oh well, I suppose that I will continue doing what I am doing until someone sends me money to make me rich, then I can sell music to get rich. In the meantime, the same as always, one song down, time to work on the next. It's a compulsion. But before that, important business happens near the monkey island area...

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